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Songs of Scotland
03 June 2008


Charles has been working with Scottish born Ed Miller in running his folksong tours of Scotland for the past 8 years.

They have had some wonderful trips taking in the Border Country,Edinburgh, Fife, Angus and Glasgow  and then north to the land of the Gael with the famous Skye Folklorist and Singer Margaret Bennet.

These tours are about introducing the music and folklore of Scotland to the visitors from around the world.It's about hearing traditional Scottish songs sung on location.Artists include Brian McNeil, Artie Tresize,Scot Gardiner, Jim Malcolm,Adam McNaughton,Karine Polwart to name but a few.

The trips also give the chance to hear local musicians and singers perform in their own towns and villages.

A couple of  country dance nights are included to teach some Scottish dances and indeed most nights there is some sort of entertainment on the schedule.


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